The Science Of God

Why is it so easy to put our trust into numbers we read from a science text book from people we’ve never met who use tools we can’t even pronounce? How do we know how far away the sun is? How do we know how old the sun is? Where do the equations come from? Who measured the distance between us and the moon? What did they use? Who came up with the equations? How did we figure out the speed of light? Who decided what system to use to measure things? Who came up with the measuring systems? How? Why?

I could go on and on. Yes, I was that kid in science class. I couldn’t put my faith into the science book blindly like all my classmates. I needed to be there in the lab with the scientists to see how, why and where everything came from.

Why is it so easy for us to trust a science text book but hard to put our faith in God?

We can’t see God Himself, we see evidence of Him all around us in a sunset, life, human relationships. We don’t know where He came from or how He does the things He does. We don’t know how He created everything. We can’t fathom the fact that He has no beginning and no end. God just is. WHAT? My little human brain can’t comprehend that. Why do I even try? I wrestled with the whys and hows when it came to God for years. I would stay up late at night spouting question after question to a God who I’m pretty sure was smiling at me. He made me curious. He put all of these why questions inside my mind and then smiles, without giving me any answers. Over the years, I’ve discovered a peace that comes with the silence of not having any of those answers. If I could explain God fully and completely, is He really God? Why would I need Him if He’s so small? A god that can fit inside my human box isn’t a god that I want to serve; if that was the case, I would just be my own god!

Last quarter at college, I took a university foundations course with a focus on the Bible. We were asked to delve into it and come up with observations, questions and any thoughts. I was the kid who turned in pages and pages of nothing but questions and proud of it. I am a solid Christian and I believe in God with all of my heart, soul, mind and body but I’m also not afraid to try and pick Him apart, wrestle with Him, and question Him. As the quarter went on, I became frustrated never having answers to the big questions I had. I remember one night as I was writing a journal reflection that began with my frustrations, suddenly it hit me. I was wrestling with the God of the universe. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I was looking at a tiny part of God and I couldn’t even fathom that. I felt like I was playing one of those games that zoomed up super close to a common object and you had to guess what it was. I hated those games. I would stare and stare and have no clue what I was staring at until someone zoomed out and showed me the whole picture. The thing with God is that we can never see the whole picture. That was annoying at first but I realized I couldn’t even begin to fathom the tiny piece that He had shown me. How small is the piece we’re looking at? Yes, we have all of His creations and ourselves, His miracles, His word, but how much of Himself has He really revealed? If we can’t even fathom this tiny part of who God is, how can we even begin to fathom the rest?

I find great comfort knowing that my God is so big. I wouldn’t want to trust a God that I can explain away or was small enough to fit in my box. What kind of power would that god have? Absolutely none! That god would be able to do all the things I could do and if that’s the case, that god is pretty pointless. If that god was the one true God, he wouldn’t be big enough to envelop me with his love and take care of me. Thank goodness we serve a God that is so big that we can’t fathom a tiny part of who He is. How blessed are we that He would choose to reveal even that tiny part of Him to us! Instead of asking God why, why, why, how, how, how, how, I’ve learned to just put my faith in the tiny piece I see and trust that my faith is actually being put into something so much greater that I can’t fathom. Instead of asking why or how, I just want to marvel at what I can see and can’t understand.

Science and God go hand in hand so beautifully. We often try to isolate the two and make them mutually exclusive but what if we saw them as partners? After all, God was the one that made science. He put the laws into motion and blessed us with the ability to figure out bits and pieces of the universe. If God made science and the people that helped us see more into His creation, why can’t we put our faith into both equally? Science and God are so often pitted against each other that we’ve become color blind; we can’t see that they are wearing the same color jersey. With every discovery, we see more of God. With more of God we see, the more we marvel at how His universe works.

Now, isn’t that something?


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