Ode To Kate

I met a woman who sees the world in a way that people don’t. When she looks at the sky, she isn’t afraid of the rain. In fact, she fancies the rain and enjoys the drops on her skin. Most people complain and stay inside, but not Kate. Kate is the first one outside dancing. When she looks at the ground, she isn’t afraid of the dirt. In fact, she loves the creatures hiding away and sees their beauty. Most people complain about dirty shoes and walk faster, but not Kate. Kate is the girl taking pictures of a small snail crawling by. When she looks at a flower, she isn’t afraid of the bees. In fact, she hums along to their beautiful song and smells the flowers. Most people complain about bugs and run, but not Kate. Kate is the girl taking a million beautiful photographs. When she closes her eyes, she isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, she sees beautiful pictures dancing through her mind as if the back of her eyelids had become the world’s greatest theater. Most people complain of being tired and go to sleep, but not Kate. Kate is the girl dreaming dreams that haven’t been thought of yet.

Kate sees beauty because she is beautiful. She opens your eyes up to the things around you that you normally don’t see. Kate has the ability to peel the curtain of gray over the world back and reveal the rainbows hiding underneath. She shows you the colors you didn’t see before, helps you hear the songs that were buried beneath the sounds of the day, helps you smell the flowers that you didn’t see beyond the thorns and helps you stop to live for just a little bit.

When you’re around Kate, the whole world glows a little bit brighter. She radiates the beauty that she sees and leaves behind a trail of joy. You can’t be sad when you’re around her even if you try. Ask her about her home, she will have stories and stories that will make you smile. Curiosity drives her innocent mind and when she begins to dream and think, another world is being crafted right in front of you. The stories she tells are realistic and you watch her paint the scene for you. She plays you the soundtrack of laughter from the silly stories and even adds in her own smiles. When she smiles, you can’t help but smile. Her laptop is filled with beautiful pictures that she captured herself. When you look at them, it’s often surprising. I know I didn’t expect to see so many photos of something that seemed so small. Even though something may be small to the world, Kate highlights the beauty of it and suddenly it’s not so small anymore. She takes something small and blows it up so that it’s all around you and you can experience its beauty too. Her journal is filled with pages of beautiful half cursive, half print thoughts that her head couldn’t hold any longer. The pages tell a story of a train ride through the places that she dreams of all by herself and you’re captivated. How could one journal hold so much of a person? Well, you see, they have to hold all of those ideas because her mind is coming up with more.

Kate, what is your secret? How can I see beyond the curtain all the time? How can I stop and feel what you feel?

I think if I were brave enough to ask, Kate would smile, tilt her head back and let the sun kiss her face. She wouldn’t need to speak; her life speaks for her. The light inside her is blinding but not painful, it’s captivating and draws you in but isn’t forceful. The secret is that Kate possesses the beautiful light of God. Most people cover it up with a bowl and hide it but Kate sits on top of a hill, arms open wide to the sky and let’s the light cover entire valleys. When she spins, the light sprays out even further than before and suddenly the flowers bloom, birds sing louder, trees dance along and the whole world comes to life. Color washes over what once was gray as her life and spirit rushes down to kiss every aspect of the world.

Kate, your light is beautiful. Your light is the most beautiful form of innocent yet profound love I’ve ever seen. Oh Kate, you’re so silly. I don’t think you even know the gift that you possess but maybe that’s a good thing. You share it because you have so much of it to give. Thank you for sharing with me your light that makes the dark not so scary anymore. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the world; I feel like I’m seeing the world as God intended and it’s breathtaking. Who knew a snail could be so beautiful? Not me. No, not until you showed me the eight pictures you took of a gorgeous snail trailing along on a sunny day. I didn’t know it was possible to capture the beauty of a snail. But you Kate, you see it in everybody. May you never stop shining.

*Kate’s name was changed for her privacy. Hug a Kate you know and let her flame be yours. The photo was taken by Kate herself! His name is George.


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