I don’t understand how people can hurt others so deeply. I don’t understand how someone can dehumanize someone else and make them a slave. We’re all humans. One would expect us to stand together and help each other or something but no, there are members of our own species who are capable of beating others carelessly, trafficking helpless people to a foreign land and exploiting them. There are people willing to destroy whole cities for the sake of religion, kidnap children and do unspeakable things. This generation has incredible individuals working hard against the big world issues such as human trafficking and I think they deserve a huge thank you and a huge shout of encouragement.

If you are someone working hard to fight an evil in this world then thank you. It doesn’t have to be something on a large scale like human trafficking; you could be fighting something at home and showing love to an abusive parent even when they hurt you. You could be the person in the store who lets someone go in front of you because they look stressed, let a car pull in in front of you or the person who walks someone to their car at night because they’re afraid. Heroes don’t come in one size, they are all of us who are fighting the good fight. We know the world isn’t a pretty place sometimes but thank you to everyone who is fighting to make it more beautiful. You are a hero.

It’s hard being a hero I’m sure. Sometimes your cape is in the wash and you have to go out in only the suit. How embarrassing right? Other times, you save a whole city and never hear a thank you. The life of a hero is a humble one but you aren’t a hero to hear thank yous, you do it to bring good to the world. Those are the people who truly are my heroes. The ones who do a terrific deed yet stand off to the side when they could easily walk up to a camera and get glory, fame and whatever else others are seeking are the ones we should be whispering thank you to.

Thank you. Thank you for bringing good to the world and showing those around you beauty when our lives are so full of ugly. Thank you for encouraging others to be heroes alongside you so that the beauty can be spread. You don’t know how many lives you are saving yet it only matters if you save one. Thank you.

And don’t ever stop. There must be so many nights when you lay in bed and wonder if all the effort is worth it. Nobody notices, nobody says thanks, nobody appreciates it, nobody cares, so why should I continue? I’m not helping anyone, I’m not making a difference. There are so many doubts that must fly through the mind of a hero. There are so many nights when they need saving themselves. All I want to say is don’t stop. Don’t stop bringing beauty to the world because if you do, then the ugly wins. Stop being a hero for a day and someone’s world doesn’t get to change. You don’t have to go save a city or free a truck full of traffickers, stop world hunger in a day, adopt all the orphans of the world or end all conflicts to be a hero. You can simply open the door for someone behind you or smile. The smallest things make you a hero. Please don’t stop being a hero. I know personally I need to see others rocking their cape and doing small acts of kindness. You bring hope and that’s something ugly can never take away. Justice will win and ugly’s reign over this world will end.

Thank you.


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