Someone show me how to live.
Someone show me how to yolo.
Someone show me how to #turnup.
Someone show me how to not crumble.

How do I do me, how do I improve, how do I do it, how do I stop doing you.

I don’t want to hear your words because anyone can say anything,
sign it away, give it for free but actions.
A lifestyle.
That’s different, you see, that comes at a cost because you have to be true to yourself to live out your words.
So do not tell me anything, show me your everything.

I’m caught up in the mania, lost in the hysteria that runs our world.
My followers have taken priority and I show them all of me in order to get a like, a double tap, and a swipe to the right.

At the end of the day, it’s not enough.

I want more than that.

Some would say I had it rough and I would say yes, some days were harder than others but I’m tough.
I have it good, I have it great,
I’ve got a roof over my head, a family, and no reason to complain.
But when the sky turns to grey, when the sun goes down, and the music goes away, what am I left with?

I look around and sometimes I see nothing. Misery loves company but I’m too prideful to share its presence. Some would say that’s selfless but no, I’m throwing a party and no ones invited but me and misery.

You can say I’m broken.
Cause the truth is, I am.
Sometimes I wonder if that’s okay, but hey, I’ll put on a smile and send you on your merry way.

Don’t come offering your help if you’ve got nothing to give,
I have too much of life left to live than to sit around and listen to your silence.

Don’t give me an I’ll pray for you,
show me what God’s done for you.
Don’t give me a bible verse,
no, don’t give me two.
Show me what God’s done for you.
Show me the more.
Talk to me about the personal stuff.

Open my eyes to His great love and maybe I’ll start listening,
to these great tales of old that I used to know once, long ago.
See I didn’t grow up in the church,
but that was okay with me.
Because I’m a quick learner,
because I experienced His love and He opened my eyes to see,
His way, the way, the truth and the life.

Now I lost my way.

How did I come so far?
How did I lose sight of who He was?
Still is.
He hasn’t changed, I’m the one who strayed.
He got so big that I focused on a small portion of Him and I lost my perspective,
trying to control Him.
Trying to control the creator of the universe, creator of the stars, creator of you and creator of me. Did I really think I could do it?
I made myself bigger than He and got lost in my own reality, losing sight of the way He feels about me.

He’s already shown me how to live.
He’s already shown me the more.
But God knows I need Him close even if I don’t tell Him anymore.

Even if I got too afraid to admit I’m small, I’m frail, I’m tiny, I’m human.

But that’s the way He made me.

He has already shown me what human is worth.
He showed me when He carried the cross,
He showed me when He came down to earth,
He showed me when He put His arms out and He showed me when He gave up His last breath and said, “This is for you.
This is for you my beloved, my child, my human.”

Sorry misery, you’ve been uninvited.
You are no longer welcome here,
no longer wanted.
Instead of our party, I think I’ll go and start to live.
Live out His word,
live out His love,
live out His more.
I got sucked up in the what ifs and the what nows,
I forgot about His vows to me.

The more that I didn’t see before.

Now I do.

So excuse me as I take a selfie,
not for the followers, not for the likes, but for me, even with hashtags as ridiculous as these:

#nofilter #selfie #imfree

And free I’ll stay because I choose to be, for the rest of my days.


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