Just One

New shoes, new clothes, new me.
I dropped hundreds to look fresh and clean.
My hair’s all curled, my makeup’s done,
Can you hold my bags? They weigh a ton.
Position me up on your highest shelf,
To collect dust and suffocate myself.
I have an image to hold,
A watch that shines gold,
Meanwhile, a thousand stories go untold.

Injustice clouds the world like a shadow of black,
Just to remind us of the courage we lack.
The world drowns in sorrow while we live like there’s no tomorrow,
Wasting the time that we’ve borrowed.
We smile and pretend that all is well,
Staying silent as the world goes to hell.
In the distance, a small child cries,
As he watches his mama die,
Meanwhile, nobody is asking why.

Pain swallows the heart like a whale down deep,
And we can finally begin to see.
The world is too big for our hands,
But it just takes one to make a stand.
Let’s start at the beach, walking, you and me,
Watching the starfish drown.
They lay in a line, dying with time,
And I hold one in this hand of mine.
The silent scream, begging for dignity,
But knowing they need me to come through.
I stare and I stare, the melting of my heart leads me to care,
And I toss the starfish back.
It breaks the water’s surface,
The ripples reveal my purpose,
And I look down the rest of the track.
“There’s too many!” I cry.
“I’ll never save them in time!”
But the starfish earlier smiles.
A simple throw and a little hope show,
That saving one life makes it worthwhile.

Fear is the norm, turn a blind eye to them all,
If we don’t look, maybe they won’t really fall.
Their stories untold, tragedy tucked in our silence,
Because we refuse to be defiant.
I have to move along, into the pain I belong,
And be one of many who are strong.
Fear of the unknown, fear of the pain,
Could’ve held me back for decades.
But the child that cried, stole my heart and my mind,
And I know I’ll never be the same.
I’m tired of sitting pretty, letting dust overwhelm,
As I waste up on this high shelf.
Forget the A-list, no more ignorant bliss,
I’ll stand and scream for them all.
You can take all my things,
You can take all of me,
But I won’t let you bury their fall.
The voices of pain in the sea of the world deranged,
Are sounds I will no longer tune out.

My heart breaks today in millions of ways,
But together we can make a change.
We can’t save them all if we go it alone,
But together evil can be overthrown.
You’ll feel discouraged, you’ll feel overwhelmed,
But just keep reminding yourself:
Pick up the single starfish dying back on that beach,
And start with a single toss.
Because at the end of the day,
When there’s nothing left to say,
That’s one less life we’ve lost.


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