It Was Me

Sometimes I think I see a shadow,
out of the corner of my eye.
I brush it off and move on.
It’s been years
since the abyss.
I left for the light,
like a moth,
drawn to flames.

I used to only see the shadows,
the movements,
in my nightmares,
in my dreams.
The familiarity sometimes
captivates me.
The darkness sometimes
silences my screams.

Now the shadows try to creep
beyond the corners
of my eye.
I turn my head faster and faster
toward the light.
When did my nightmare
become my reality?

I had you trapped
in the corner of my mind.
You’ve moved
to the corner of my eyes.
You’ve tainted each corner of my life.
I blink and I see gray,
I blink and you go away,
I see less color every day.

Who gave you the key,
to escape and leave?
Who let you run around my world,
Who laid me down,
to be your doormat?
Who is the one drowning me?

Now as the colors fade,
now as the world turns to gray,
now as the tears appear,
now as I begin to fear,
I can see.
I can see that the somebody
who set you free,

was me.


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